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We create, invest and grow businesses.


We are a group of engineers turned entrepreneurs that find, create, and grow companies selling a valuable product or service. We invest capital, resources, and ourselves as experienced operators to multiply revenue and help scale a business. We believe in improving & automating processes, adding or extending systems, and employing the brightest people to enable a successful company turnaround.


To partner with niche companies that are essential to a specific industry or ecosystem. We love businesses that are looking for some new creativity, efficiency and focus to enable growth.

What You’re Looking For?

A friendly new face that can add value and help grow your business whether that means reaching profitability or entering the next chapter (that’s us!).


Scaling a business from zero to one is hard. Being a team with multiple exits, we have the skills, operational know-how, people and systems required to help a business flourish. We value the courage and dedication it takes to start a business, bring your idea to market, conquer the ups and downs, and reach profitability. Our team believes in not wasting anyone's time, rolling up our sleeves and generating value from day one.